Woodland Beauty
in the Middle of the City

Founded in the late 1940’s, Jackson Heights is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods on the west side of the city of Mobile, Alabama.  Distinguished by soaring Southern pines, majestic oaks and thick, old-growth privacy hedges, this suburban enclave is tranquil and peaceful, yet has quick and easy access to major roadways and shopping districts.

The area is famous for its prolific azaleas which delight with a spectacular show of color every March.


The tall pines give us a sparkling green canopy eighty feet overhead and sunlight-dappled lawns underfoot, providing the neighborhood with a distinctive look unrivaled by newer developments.


Jackson Heights is also known for its large, estate-size lots which boast expansive front and rear lawns.
JH estate lots.JPG

All these aesthetic elements combine to give the neighborhood a country-in-the-city feel that is exceedingly rare in this age of zero lot lines, concrete yards, treeless streets and suburban overdevelopment in general.